The Tower

As no one other than me is ever likely to read this, I may as well have entitled the whole thing ‘Dear diary…’, but I write with hope, hope that someone may join me on this journey, that they too may be inspired to take a leap of faith, and also with the unwavering certainty that the best is yet to come.

Whilst 2016 has been far from the best of years for the vast majority of people, for me it has been wondrous, it is the year in which I released myself (with a little help from a friend) from the emotional dungeon I’d been in for over half my life, and it’s what lead me to this moment.

I feel this is the point where I should provide a little context in case a reader who doesn’t know me happens by. When I was 17 I lost my voice as the result of a traumatic event; this year it came to light that although I had dealt (at least for the most part) with the event itself, I had never recovered fully from the loss of my voice, the loss of my power.

The months of self-discovery lead me to the realisation that my life in its current format no longer works for me, I could of course choose to do nothing about this and make the best of an unsatisfying situation as many before me have done and will continue to do, but then I wouldn’t be living my truth and that would lead to nothing more than me dying inside once again and all of this would have been for nothing.

So I’ve made my decision, in terms of The Tower, the small charges are now going off at regular intervals, but the big blast, the life changing, no going back explosion is scheduled for next year.

Sometimes you have to reduce things to their ashes to see what will rise.


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